Tuesday, December 25, 2007

3 Simple Bookbinding Techniques

If you are just starting out then it will be better to start simple. Going with simple methods will boost your self confidence. Then you'll be able to go for other techniques. Here are 3 methods you should start with

1) Staple Binding: This is the simplest method for binding a book. You can use this for notebooks and rough books. Take stack of papers and fold them so that the two corners meet. Use a thick paper or card papers for the cover. Cover the folded papers with this. If the book is small you can use a small stapler for center stapling. For long books a long arm stapler or saddle stapler can be used. Make two or three staples in the centre and your book will be ready.

2) Saddle stitching: Saddle stitching a book is easy and the book will be strongly bound. Keep a stack of papers and cover together just like in the above case. To hold the papers together use a strong paperclip near the center. Keep these on something such that you can make holes in the center. Now make holes with a sharp object on the spine. You can make 2 holes nearer to the
edges of spine and stitch with a strong thread. You can also make three or four holes and stitch accordingly. This will hold the book together.

3) Perfect binding: In this method you hold a stack of signatures and clamp them together. Apply a strong glue on the spine and allow it to dry. Then apply the glue again and attach the cover firmly. Hold this position with a clamper till it dries completely. 

There you go. The simplest methods for bookbinding to get you started.

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