Monday, December 31, 2007

Bookbinding for Beginners - 10

by Florence O. Bean - Assistant in Manual Arts - Boston Public Schools

Mount a Calendar or Picture Part 3

Before pasting projecting parts, the corners should be cut. Two methods are shown in the illustrations. In the first, two adjacent projections are turned onto the back of the foundation. Be careful that they fit very closely to the sides of the news board, press down with the fingers, and hold them very firmly. At the corner will be a surplus piece which should be pinched to stand upright. Slanting the scissors very slightly upward, cut from the corner toward the center. (See Plate XI).

The second method is to make slanting cuts from the outside of the vellum toward the corners of the news board. (See Plate XII). Apply paste to the projecting sides, fold over and rub down; treat the ends in the same manner. If it is desired that the completed mount shall hang on the wall, make a loop of ribbon, tape, or vellum.

If tape or ribbon is used, choose the color very carefully; that which matches the vellum is the best choice; but, if a contrast is preferred; choose a soft color which has some quality in harmony with the vellum. Paste this loop to the back of the foundation, allowing it to project above the top. Apply paste to the back covering and rub it down very firmly, being careful that no loose edges are left.

Instead of pasting on a loop, a hole may be punched near the top with the eyelet punch, and an eyelet inserted. This should be done after the back is pasted on. According to plan; paste on the calendar or picture. Dry all under a weight.

If several mounts are to be placed under the same weight, it is better that each should be separated from the others by a sheet of blotting paper, or several thicknesses of newspaper. Allow them to stand over night. In the morning they will be found sufficiently pressed.

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