Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How to do Perfect Binding Easily

Perfect binding is technique in which a paper cover is attached to a stack of signatures with the help of glue. Some other terms which are used for perfect binding are paperback binding, lay-flat bind and Euro bind. 

Material Required:
  • signatures
  • a cover ( thicker than the papers )
  • glue ( white or gorilla glue, Hot glue, PVA glue etc. )
  • scissors
  • brush for spreading the glue


  1. First of all arrange the signatures together. See that all the four sides are aligned properly. If any side is out of order then just trim it. 
  2. To keep the entire thing in perfect order clamp it along the spine edge. For thin books you can use strong paperclips. 
  3. Using a sand paper roughen up the side along the spine end. It will help to bind the signatures strongly when you apply the glue.
  4. Now take some glue and spread it on the spine edge completely. Let this thing dry and after that apply the glue one more time. It will ensure that the signatures are connected strongly. Hold this together by using clamps on the spine edge.
  5. Lastly it is the time for applying the cover. When the glue has dried completely take the cover and fold it to match the spine. Use a ruler to fold the edges properly. Now apply glue on the spine and attach the cover. Keep this strongly held till it dries completely.

After drying you will have your very own perfect bound book. See, in just 5 simple steps you can make your very own book.

All the best!!!

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