Friday, January 25, 2008

Bookbinding for Beginners - 15

by Florence O. Bean - Assistant in Manual Arts - Boston Public Schools

Calendar Stand

First make or secure a calendar, which should be of small size. If desired, a picture may be used with the calendar, but it should harmonize with it in size and color. In such a case plan to have the space between the two much smaller than the margins, so that the eye will take them in as a group, and not as two separate objects. Decide on the margins as described in Problem II, and thus arrive at the proper size for one of the foundation pieces of news board. (See Plate XVIII.)

hand bookbinding

Make a dimensioned sketch of this piece, and plan to have two made of news board. For the outside covering plan a strip of vellum which shall be long enough to cover both pieces of news board when placed about one-eighth of an inch apart, and to make half-inch laps on each side and end. Plan a strip of vellum about an inch wide and as long as the width of the foundation pieces to form the back of the hinge; and two pieces of lining paper, each one-eighth of an inch smaller in both directions than the foundation pieces. Make dimensioned sketches of these pieces (see Plate XIX), layout and cut all parts.

learn bookbinding

In the center of the narrow strip of vellum mark off a space one-eighth of an inch wide, extending lengthwise of the strip. Apply paste and lay the two pieces of news board on the vellum and with edges against the lines drawn. Press hard on the news board, turn it over, and rub down the vellum. A hinge is thus formed for the two pieces of news board.

Lay these pieces on the large piece of vellum and draw around the whole. Apply paste to the vellum inside the pencil lines. Lay the double foundation on the pasted surface with the narrow strip of vellum on top. Rub down the outside surface very hard, leaving no wrinkles or rough places; clip the corners as described in Problem II, paste the laps, fold them over, rub them down, and line the mount with the pieces of marbled paper. Connect the front and back halves of the mount by a single or double strap of vellum pasted to the inside of each. Finish by pasting on the calendar and picture.

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