Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bookbinding for Beginners - 12

by Florence O. Bean - Assistant in Manual Arts - Boston Public Schools

Needle Case

As shown at a in Plate XIV, the needle case should be planned to hold four papers of needles, two at each end. The size of the case will depend on the size of the papers of needles, and must be planned accordingly.

Make the width a little more than twice the width of a paper of needles, and allow a little space lengthwise between the papers of needles to permit their easy removal. The pockets are formed of strips of vellum pasted on to each end of the foundation, and their depth should be a little more than half the length of a paper of needles.

An accurate working drawing of the completed case should be made (see Plate XV). From this, mark out and cut the news board to the correct size. The front covering of vellum should have laps on the sides only and may well be a little shorter than the foundation. Make freehand, dimensioned sketches of this piece, of the vellum pockets, and of the marbled paper. The pockets should have 1/2 inch laps on three sides for pasting to the back.

On the other edge, which is to be free, allow at least an eighth of an inch to be turned over like a hem onto the wrong side for a neat finish. The paper for the back should be one-fourth of an inch narrower and shorter than the foundation.

Mark out and cut with the scissors, the pieces of vellum and marbled paper. The front covering should be pasted on first. Before pasting the pockets (which should be fastened to the back only) turn over the hem, and crease it hard, but do not paste. The hem will extend onto the side laps. From these laps cut off the under side of the hem that it may not be double. Paste on the pockets and the back. Dry all under weight.

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