Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitch binding is one of the simplest methods for binding books. It has been around for a while now and with the advancement of technology saddle stitching is done much faster and with ease. (video)

You can also start saddle stitching right now. The only thing you will need is a long arm stapler. Just take a bunch of papers and place them one above the other. Fold them to make a crease at the center. Now staple two or three times on the spine. That's it you have a saddle stitch binding ready.

This method is generally used for small booklets, brochures, notebooks, catalogs, pamphlets and other small books.

Many companies produce staplers for saddle stitching. These are specifically designed so that different types of books either short or long, very thin or somewhat thick can be easily stapled. You can even start a part time business with saddle stitching. One of the things you can try is make rough books.

People want cheap books for doing all kinds of stuff. Rough books can be used for any purpose you can think about. As it cost less people will want to buy them and use them. The things you will need are a saddle stitching stapler, rough papers and thick covers. Start making several books with fixed number of pages and sell them. If you do it properly, people will come in loads to buy them.

Since saddle stitch binding requires very less investment your profits will be
good. Just give it a try if you have spare time.

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Lydia said...

Great video! I have been doing saddle stitching on my own and have also been working for a printer. I just found a heavy-duty manual stapler for bookbinding at

It's a Staplex brand and only costs about $120. I have been in printing for about 10 years and the world of individuals stitching and binding on their own is definitely growing.