Monday, March 10, 2008

Bookbinding for Beginners - 17

by Florence O. Bean - Assistant in Manual Arts - Boston Public Schools

Needle Book


This consists of covers with leaves of flannel. Decide upon the size of leaves, which should not be too large and in good proportion. One piece of flannel should form two leaves, as in booklets described in Problem 1.

Plan the covers to be one-eighth of an inch larger in each direction than the leaves. These should be constructed like the calendar mount already described in A, but the space between should be greater, perhaps three-eighths of an inch. Make dimensioned sketches of all parts. The parts should then be laid out, cut, and pasted. Finish the edges of the leaves by pinking (cutting in small points). Four leaves are sufficient. Sew them to the cover as described in Problem 1.A COVERED MEMORANDUM PAD Secure a small pad. Plan covers, as described in B, which shall project about one-eighth of an inch in each direction beyond the pad. Plan to have the space between them about 3/8 of an inch more than the thickness of the pad. When the covers are finished, paste the pad firmly to the inside of one cover. If desired, loops of vellum to hold the pencil may be pasted on the side of the pad, as describe in Problem 1.

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