Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bookbinding for Beginners - 7

by Florence O. Bean - Assistant in Manual Arts - Boston Public Schools

Making a Envelope Holder for the Model


Before preceding further, some kind of a permanent holder should be provided to keep all together the various; pieces of the model. This
prevents the confusion and loss of time incident to passing several kinds of materials each by itself.

One lesson might be used for the making of a portfolio for this purpose, cut from screenings or
heavy wrapping paper, and patterned after an envelope, from 6" X 9" to 9" X 12" in size. (See Plate VI.) If large pads of paper are used in the schoolroom, their cardboard backs may be utilized.

Take two of the same size, punch holes along three sides of each, near the edges and lace them together. If one of the long sides of the resulting holder has been left open, materials can be removed with greater ease than if a short side is so used. A set of holders thus made is very durable. New paper bags make good holders although less desirable than either of the other two.

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