Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bookbinding for Beginners - 4

by Florence O. Bean - Assistant in Manual Arts - Boston Public Schools


This equipment is sufficient for the whole course and should last for several years. A strong, wooden box with compartments insures an orderly arrangement of tools and prevents breakage. Several rooms may use the same equipment and by means of the box, transpiration is greatly facilitated. Some system of distributing and collecting material should be devised, and not more than five minutes consumed in making preparations for work. One for each pupil - Rule, Pro 6-inch Scissors, Pencil, medium Tapestry Needle, No. Ii, Wooden

Triangle; 45°, 7-inch For class use, the number to be governed by the way in which they are to be used, by the amount of money to be expended. For twenty-five pupils, 12 paste-brushes and 5 punches answer very well. Paste-brushes 1 inch flat, Eyelet Punches, One of each helpful, but not necessary, Paper Cutter, 12 inch to 15 inch
Straight Edge, Large Shears


The materials necessary for this course may be purchased from any of the large school supply houses, or from dealers in bookbinders' supplies. Before an order is given, it is recommended that the materials be seen, at least in sample, as names sometimes vary in different commercial houses. The sizes and prices are also liable to variation. In
selecting colored papers, avoid brilliant hues, and choose soft colors.


News board 26" x 38" News board is in reality a box board, and differs from binders' board in the quality of the fiber. But for such articles as are described in this course,. it is the more satisfactory of the two. Both news board and binders' board are sold in bundles each weighing 50 Ibs. The board is numbered according to the number of sheets in the bundle. Thus no. 50 means that the bundle contains 50 sheets. Board of this number is light in weight, easily handled by small children, and is well suited to the articles here described. lost book covers are made of No. 30 (30 sheets to the bundle). which is twice as thick as Xo.60. The sheets of news board are rather large to be handled conveniently. If desired, they will be cut in quarters by the dealer at slight expense.


Vellum deluxe 38" wide Vellum deluxe is a sized and tinted cloth of an inexpensive grade of cotton. which is quite suitable for the purposes of this course. If material of a higher grade is desired, art canvas (21c per yard), art vellum (17c per yard), etc., may be purchased. These come in a great variety of colors. It is better to use but one color in the class for economy's sake, but, if this is not to be considered, different articles may be of different colors. Choose quiet colors such as "old blue," "dull green," "deep red."

Cover Paper (light weight) 22" x 28"

FOR Lining - Marbled Paper - Bark wove Paper - FOR Limp COVERS - Screenings - Cover Paper - Kraft Paper - Drawing Paper (gray) - Red Rope manila - Oak tag stock - Tough check

FOR Inside - Page Paper - Page Paper - Drawing Paper (white) - Drawing Paper (gray) - Drawing Paper (man.) - Newspaper (white) - FOR Stitching AND Sewing - Linen Thread - Silk - Raffia (plain) - Raffia (colored)

Eyelets 250 in box Purchase eyelets of the same make as the eyelet punch (see list of equipment), since those of a different make are not always an exact fit.

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