Saturday, January 5, 2008

8 Important Bookbinding Instructions-Part 1

Bookbinding can become hectic and difficult if you are not organized and try to do it all at once. Learning to get organized and planning correctly will help to achieve success in any field. For bookbinding also you need to keep somethings in mind. Here are 3 of the 8 bookbinding instructions

1) Patience: Patience is the first thing to keep in mind. It is really very important. Sometimes things go wrong which will cost additional time. Always keep your mind at the work you are doing and do not let it wander somewhere. So you should always keep cool and do not worry if something went wrong.

"Always learn from your mistakes"

2) Simple plan: The next thing is to keep a simple plan of how you will complete the work. Doing all the things at one go will make it burdensome and you may not come back to this work the next time. You can try a plan like this. First list all the processes that you have to perform to get the end result. Now write the time each task will take beside it. Everybody has different speeds. See that you time the process according to your speed. Now just divide that work at different
times of the day or week. Having everything written down on a piece of paper will ensure smooth work.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

3) Material: Take a paper and list all the materials required for your bookbinding project. Always keep more quantity of the materials than you require. This way you won't need to go and buy the material when all of a sudden you realize that you don't have something. Keep the materials at one place ( like in a box, cupboard etc. ) so that you will have everything in a single glance.

In the second part we will see the remaining instructions. If you have anything to say then do share your comments.

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