Saturday, January 5, 2008

8 Important Bookbinding Instructions-Part 2

In the first part we saw the importance of patience, planning and list of materials. Here are the remaining 5 bookbinding instructions.

1) Fix Place of Work: You should have a place alloted for doing all the bookbinding work. Do not wander everytime looking for a space to do your work. If possible keep all the equipment, material and everything related to bookbinding at one place.

2) If you feel frustrated at any point then just leave the work. You will spoil it if you continue at such time. All the hard work will be wasted for a simple mistake.

3) Stitching : If your bookbinding involves stitching then you will need more patience at this compared to other processes. Practice proper stitching on rough papers or a piece of cloth to give that confidence.

4) Keep the Spine correct : You may be knowing the importance of healthy spine in humans. If something goes wrong then you know how difficult life can become. Similarly for a healthy book the spine should be correct. If the spine is not proper then the book may face serious problems.

5) Start small : Last but not the least, take small steps while bookbinding. Do a part of the work at any given time and after a period of time you will reach the end successfully.

I hope you benefit from these instructions and apply them to get better at bookbinding. Don't forget to leave a comment. Share your own instructions or any tips for getting better at bookbinding.

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